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Why Outsource

To decide if Virtual Employment is for you, you may first need to understand exactly what it means.

Also commonly known as outsourcingit is a business practice in which a company hires another company or an individual to perform tasks, handle operations or provide quality services at a fraction of a cost (usually 1/3).

There are a few different types of Virtual Recruiting Models, please review the benefits below and select that suits your business needs the best.


Twitter announces employees will be allowed to work from home ‘forever’ ~ The Guardian, 12th May, 2020. 

With working remotely becoming a new norm world-wide, hiring virtual employees now may offer many benefits than ever. They are generally 70% more cost effective than domestic employees and can offer the flexibility to multi-task across many aspects of your business. If you are considering giving virtual employment a try, Danco.Work can help make the hiring process easier, efficient & cost effective.

Some of benefits are stated as follows: 


The most valuable asset anyone has today is time, and money only comes in second. Successful businesses recognise that time is the best asset to keep a tight grip on. 

Without time to think strategically, forge new relationships, and develop ideas, all you have is a business that refuses to grow regardless of how much you work at it. And entrepreneurs that spend their days locked in low-level administrative tasks like email management and customer support are joking themselves that they have any chance of growing a successful company. 


Business Scalability & Business Growth requires capital. By hiring virtual assistants, you can substantially reduce your capital needs. Not only is the cost of hiring a virtual assistant substantially less than hiring domestically (for most Western nations), but the ongoing costs of management and development are also considerably less.


One of the key things for entrepreneurial success is mindset, but we all don't do the mindset thing very well! 

If you find your tasks or to-do lists piling up, you are ending up scattered and achieving less and you are getting a little too overwhelmed with the things you need to do for your business, then here’s an insight:

Our carefully selected & recruited Virtual Employee can help you with all of that!


Some of the most common administrative tasks that a hired virtual assistant can do for you are:

  • Administrative and office support activities for multiple  supervisors
  • Receptionist tasks such as fielding telephone calls and managing appointment bookings 
  • Responding to emails and helping to filter them for easier management 
  • Word processing, creating spreadsheets and presentations 
  • Organising your Dropbox and Google Drive folders.

Internet research, Data mining and entry also made in top 10 admin tasks best delegated to a virtual employee. 


This is our personal favourite! Because your virtual employees work remotely, it forces both sides to increase the focus on efficient processes, effective communication, and advanced reporting channels. This is how you can really use virtual assistants to help grow your business.


In this age of mobile technology where social media, video, and content marketing have become the norm, it’s expected that every business has an online presence. Virtual employees are a fantastic resource in this area. All things are digital by nature, online and ‘virtual’. Hence the concept of having a virtual person implementing and maintaining this strategy for you becomes much easier with Danco.Work.


Let’s be honest, hiring a virtual assistant to help manage, oversee, and do tasks on your list helps ease the workload and stress you face in the day-to-day operations of your business. At the same time, it also allows you more leisure time with your family and friends. So, you are basically taking back your social life.


When done right, working with virtual teams forces you to develop very strong, efficient processes and solid communication and to utilise technology in more creative ways. 

Once you hone each of these areas and ensure tasks can be delegated to anyone who steps in, it means your business is systematised. This creates a far more valuable asset if you ever decided to sell the business.

Recruiting models

Share the Strain, Find a Solution ~ James Caan

When selecting a recruiting partner, it is highly recommended to consider the following points: 

1. Whats is their background? Danco.Work is an active member of Institute of Recruitment Professionals. We have a combined experience of over 65 years spread over Recruitment, Hospitality, Human Resource, Real Estate, Learning & Development, Sales, InfoTech & Business Management. With such varied experience, we will always have an associate who is more closely related to your field, thus allowing us to understand your business & employment needs better than anyone else. 

2. Are you looking for a generalist or a specialist? Danco.Work specialises in Virtual Recruitment in varied business fields. 

3. Does your recruiter have a proven track record? Writing about our own accomplishments is not how we at Danco.Work do business. Please see what some of our clients have to say about us.

4. What is their recruitment process? Our recruitment process is comprehensive and extensive. Like any responsible recruiting partner, we do not rush your recruitment process and do not consider a job completed unless you are completely satisfied. Please click here to for in-depth information of our recruiting process.

5. Do they already have candidates in mind? Unless we understand your business, your competition, other factors influencing the way your business is done and of course "you", we will not presume and offer a solution. We do not complicate business process while maintaining transparency at all time. 

6. How well do they understand your employment requirement? With our team members coming from various service and product based industries, it is quite likely that we will understand your business and employment requirement to your satisfaction. In an unlikely event we do not understand either of one (business or employment), we will recommend you someone who does. 

7. How much does it cost? When it comes to human talent, it is extremely tough to put a price, however, our Virtual Employment Service starts from £299 (click here to see rates for your region) which is inclusive of recruiting process, making an offer, essential paper work such as employment contract & NDAs, monthly salary, all essential communication and CRM tools for you and your virtual employee and regular after-sale service including HR related matters. 

8. Do they offer any after-sales service? At Danco.Work, we strongly believe that good customer service is not a department but an attitude! 

Below please see our popular recruiting models. If you find that your business requirement cannot be fulfilled with either of our popular models, please contact us for a custom tailored solution. 


Home2Work, starting from £399 per month (click here for International rates for your respective region), full time with up to 1-year experience is the starter model if you are a startup or a sole proprietorship looking to scale upwards.   

Saving a further up to 49% on a typical virtual employee working from Danco.Work Office, if your work is not highly sensitive and you believe it can be done from anywhere other than a professional office, then the benefits do not stop here. 

There are a number of reasons working from home is a great option for many small to medium businesses. Here is a look at a few: 

• There is no commute

• There is greater flexibility

• Reduce distractions

•  The day is often less stressful

• Save money

• Improve work/life balance

Furthermore, as a responsible and trustworthy recruiting partner for many emerging and established businesses we advise that should you decide to opt for your Virtual Employee to work from their home, Danco.Work will ensure that your Virtual Employee is equipped with adequate arrangements such as; 

• Power back-up generator to enjoy uninterrupted working hours 

• Has a quiet, comfortable and well-lit place to work from 

• Has minimum 8gb/s internet connection available

• Signs a legal guarantee and NDA with our corporate attorney to ensure the confidentiality of your intellectual property rights.


Office-Pro, starting from £699 per month (click here for International rates for your respective region), full time with up to 1-year experience.  Your Virtual Employee works from our office enjoying a professional environment, a selection of free biscuits & beverages, 10-minute yoga and on-the-house weekly Friday lunch. 

To ensure your employee works in the most productive environment, our office is maintained to high standards in every respect. Our office is equipped with lease lines and high speed fibre optic internet connections for fast and stable internet access. 

To ensure uninterrupted power supply, our office has its own power backup generator. The employees are also provided with spacious work areas and the office is fully air conditioned. The office is, furthermore, located in a prime area, in close proximity to the twin cities with good transportation links, making commuting for employees convenient.

Danco.Work also equips your employee with all the hardware they need to work for you remotely.

 Accordingly, you also save on PC, computer peripherals, and software expenses such as state of art, all-in- one, award winning CRM, Bitrix24 and including up to 15-page website with free hosting for the length of your Virtual Employee’s service. 

Project Based Outsourcing

This approach to offshoring involves paying someone overseas (often a freelancer from Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr and similar portals) to complete a project with a limited scope and duration.

This might work for you if you only have one-off projects that require specialist knowledge/skills, rather than long-term, ongoing work. We usually find this works for start-ups and micro businesses who are on very limited budgets.

The main downside is that you have little control over when and how your freelance completes the work, so you’ll need to build a buffer into any timelines in case of potential delays. Furthermore, you don’t have control over the capacity planning of your vendor, so you can never be sure who’ll be working on your project, from one day to the next. And because the vendor has to contend with varying demand for their services, they’ll be busy one month and quiet the next, and they’ll factor this into their pricing, resulting in higher project rates than you’d pay a dedicated resource. (i.e. You’ll pay more to cover their quiet times.)

With Danco.Work, sourcing a project-based virtual employee minimises friction and helps you meet deadlines agreed initially with your virtual project manager. 

What some of the leading minds say about outsourcing...

“It is true that outsourcing does cause an immediate loss of jobs, but these are more than made up for by the creation of new jobs,” Paul O'Neill, former U.S. Treasury Secretary.

“It would be foolish to stop companies from outsourcing. It would make our companies less competitive,” Robert B. Reich, former Labour Secretary under President Bill Clinton, comments on the outsource industry.

“If we are not realistic about what we are good at then there is a chance of going backwards in the face of further competition...Innovative companies need to look at which things they should do offshore and what they should do at home,” Bill Gates, Microsoft chief.

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