How Danco.Work

makes outsourcing a success?

As your outsourcing provider, Danco.Work is acutely aware of the outsourcing pitfalls and knows exactly how to overcome them while keeping operations as straight forward as possible. Following are the crucial components Danco.Work implements to make sure outsourcing is a success:

Large talent pool

Danco.Work recruit candidates from our local area of the capital territory and the region has a population of approximately 4 million. The city possesses an abundance of highly talented individuals. Hence, when outsourcing with Danco.Work, you have access to a wide pool of talent. With Danco.Work you are not limited to hiring from just our in-house talent. This gives you the highest probability of hiring the most skilled, experienced, and qualified employee(s) for your job vacancy.

You select the employee you want to hire

You are firmly in control when you outsource with Danco.Work. You select the employee or employees that will work with you. Often the client has extensive knowledge in the field in which they are outsourcing and has the best understanding of the duties of the position to be filled. The Danco.Work model is, hence, ideal, for you are not assigned an employee by Danco.Work but you select the employee you want to hire.

Low risk

Before you make any decision to hire, you have ample opportunity to deduce if any of the candidates we put forth are suitable for the position. Review the candidates’ CVs, ask challenging questions during the interviews, and even provide a test for any of the candidates. If you are not confident, you have no obligation to use our services. It is, thus, why outsourcing with Danco.Work has such a high success rate; you only hire a candidate if you are confident in the candidate’s ability and our service.

Dual screening

With Danco.Work’s recruitment model, both you and Danco.Work screen the candidates thereby filtering the strongest and most qualified candidates.

Accommodating to your requirements

The Danco.Work’s recruitment and hiring process is flexible and accommodating to your exact requirements. The HR department works in accordance with your specifications and gives detailed attention to your individual and specific requirements. This ensures we find the most appropriate and best employee for you.

Danco.Work submits CVs for free

Danco.Work submits CVs to you and lets you interview candidates for free. And so, you only make a financial payment when you are confident of our service and quality of employee.

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