How Danco.Work makes outsourcing a success?

As your outsourcing provider, Danco.Work is acutely aware of the outsourcing pitfalls and knows exactly how to overcome them while keeping operations as straight forward as possible. Following are the crucial components Danco.Work implements to make sure outsourcing is a success:

Without doubt the most distinguishing factor of Danco.Work is our professional approach. Without a professional mindset, short cuts will naturally be made which will lead to a chain reaction of multiple errors. And when you are outsourcing work thousands of miles away, even the slightest glitch can have escalating repercussions. 

To outsource successfully there can be no short cuts, efficiency at every stage is paramount. Many companies do not understand this mindset or approach, “short cuts” are the norm and this is what results in failure.

The most important factor to successfully outsource is to hire the right employee. If the employee you hire does not have the right qualifications, experience, motivation, ability, or work ethic, inevitably they will be unable to produce the results you require. Danco.Work has devised a very stringent and rigorous dual HR screening process to ensure you hire the right employee: 

Stage 1: Understanding your requirement: 

Step 1: For any position you want to fill, we ask you to submit to us a detailed job description. We do not make any presumptions with respect to the type of employee you want to hire. 

Step 2: Our HR department analyses the job description you send to us. If we have any questions or uncertainty, our HR department contacts you to resolve the doubt. Our objective is to completely understand the type of employee you want to hire. Only once we completely understand your requirement, can we then recruit a qualified employee for you. You also include in the job description the job duties of the employee. This way we can use our local expertise to select those candidates when keeping in mind the tasks entailed in the job vacancy.

Stage 2: Danco.Work screening 

Step 3: HR executives commence the screening process by scrutinising candidates’ CVs. The HR executives look for CVs that match the vacant job position in terms of qualifications, experience, and expertise. 

Step 4: From the screened CVs, those candidates who match the position based on their CVs undergo a telephonic interview. During the telephonic interview, once again the HR executive screens the candidates’ suitability for any said position.

Step 5: Those candidates who pass the telephonic stage of screening are invited to our office for a face to face interview. Most candidates are interviewed by a panel of HR executives and there can be up to three HR executives interviewing one candidate. Our HR executives are from technical backgrounds (in particular, a software programming background), and so the HR executives will/may ask the candidates technical questions. If the HR executives are not familiar with the technical background of the job vacancy, they will research the field so that they are in a position to ask appropriate questions. Furthermore, if the HR executives deem it necessary, another interview round will also be arranged between the candidate and another employee from the same technical background as the candidate. This ensures the candidate will accordingly be asked the appropriate technical questions. In addition to asking technical questions, the HR executives will also judge several other factors— including the candidate’s interest levels, background, professionalism, and proficiency in English. 

Step 6: If necessary, for the position, the HR executive will also assign a test to the candidate, e.g., English test for a content writer.

Stage 3: Client screening: 

Step 7: Following the face to face interviews conducted by the Danco.Work HR department, the best CVs are submitted to you. You then review the CVs. 

Step 8: From the CVs submitted to you, you select the candidates you would like to interview and/or test. Danco.Work advises all clients to interview candidates before they decide to hire an individual. 

Step 9: Following the interviews and/or test results, you can then decide if you would like to hire any of the candidates. Danco.Work has a very high success rate because of the dual nature of its recruitment process. Both you and Danco.Work are involved and filter through the best candidates. Danco.Work will not assign to you an employee that it feels is suitable for the position, rather, it submits to you CVs of candidates who we feel are suitable for the position and then you select the employee you want to hire. With Danco.Work you then have the opportunity to decide if the shortlisted candidates are qualified for the position. We encourage you to review the CVs, provide tests, and interview the candidates. With you asking challenging technical questions, assigning tests, and reviewing the candidate’s qualifications and experience, you can deduce if the candidate is suitable for the position. You are the best judge of the type of employee you require and want to hire. And this is why Danco.Work involves you in the recruitment process; it significantly increases the success rate. You only hire an employee once you are confident of his/her ability, this helps ensure the right employee is hired. If you are not confident in an employee’s ability you have no commitment to hire, and this keeps your risk to a minimum. With this layered recruitment process, Danco.Work ensures you hire the right employee, a prerequisite for outsourcing to be a success.

When working with an employee located thousands of miles away, it is imperative that both parties are equipped with the necessary infrastructure and hardware. If the employee does not, then even the slightest hiccup can get magnified several folds and considerably hamper one’s progress and efficiency.  Working with an employee is simply not possible if this occurs frequently. 

Equally, if an employee is not equipped with a powerful PC then heavy collaboration and interaction with an employee is not possible. Unavailability of software and other computer peripherals such as fax, headset, scanner, web cam, printer, and a telephone with local number from your country can also prevent an employee from completing their work or doing so in a productive manner. 

The Danco.Work office is, however, maintained to standards in every respect. Danco.Work is dedicated to providing quality; which is why we have lease line internet connections, unlimited access to award winning all-in-one CRM system, technical support 24 hours a day, new Dell PCs, air conditioning, spacious office desks, a generator etc... 

When you consider the above factors, our office is on par with those you would find in the U.S. or Europe. 

This allows us to create a Virtual office environment, which enables you and your employee to bridge physical distance and, thus, work directly together. 

Without this it is simply not possible to directly work with an employee remotely. Danco.Work places a strong emphasis on hardware, infrastructure, and a first-class office, for it is the only way one can successfully hire an employee.

With Danco.Work you supervise and manage the employees work. Your employee, however, works either from our office or their own homes where they can be physically/periodically monitored (depending on package you select) and supervised by our HR department and Danco.Work account managers. Our physical presence is crucial to the success of outsourcing for it enables the following: 

  • Professional office working environment 
  • Logistical control of your employee 
  • Real-time implementation of your instructions Regulation of your employee 
  • Our physical presence creates an office environment equivalent to yours in your home country and enables us to implement your instructions. 

All aspects of outsourcing and employment that you cannot control remotely are taken care of by Danco.Work. Without adequate supervision and management of your employee, outsourcing becomes undisciplined and deregulated which leads to inefficiency, unprofessionalism, and, thus, ultimately poor results.

The Danco.Work customer support department is open 12 hours a day, however, your staff will continue to work shift and time zone that is best suited for your business. 

You are, thus, able to contact Danco.Work at any time during our business hours. If you have any query or any problem you can, thus, instantly get in touch with Danco.Work. The customer support department will respond to your query or issue and Danco.Work managers will implement any necessary procedure to resolve it. If you have some problem with your employee, work, or any other outsourcing-related problem, Danco.Work is present to take care of it immediately.

Equally, the Danco.Work HR department and Danco.Work account managers are present at all times to resolve any issues or problems your employee may be having. Whether their problem is a technical problem, related to their work, or even personal, Danco.Work is present at all times to provide your employee with assistance. In summary, Danco.Work is monitoring the entire outsourcing and employment process at all times. And we are physically present at all times to immediately implement any corrective measures that are necessary. This is crucial to the success of outsourcing, for both you and your employee have a source of immediate contact and immediate assistance. Without such dedicated support, outsourcing is not pragmatic.

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