Process & Facilities 

Making a decision to expand or build your team is never taken lightly. Therefore, Danco.Work has made preparations for you beforehand, ensuring that your talents and focus are left to do what you are best at ... run your business seamlessly. 

Below is a summary of how Danco.Work, your recruiting partner assist you from hiring to maintaining your team. 

Job Description 

Assisting in preparation of job description that is best suited to the role prior to advertising. This is a free service whether you are a Danco.Work's client or not. 


Advertise the approved job on several recruiting portals and at universities. At this point, your account manager will help you explain our terms and conditions in greater detail before you sign up for any of our service. 

CV Screening


Our HR department will screen all CVs received

Initial Contact


Our HR department will maintain initial contact shortlisted candidates. At this time, our HR team will provide shortlisted candidates with any written assessments you may want to include.  

Share Short-listed CVs


Once our HR team is satisfied that shortlisted candidates are able to demonstrate the relevant skills and experience, right attitude to match your location, clients and company culture and are equipped with essentials required to your job best, CVs will be shared with you. 



Once you have further shortlisted from CVs shared, your account manager in cooperation with our HR team will organise video face-to-face interviews. Prior to the interviews, our HR team or your account manager could assist you with relevant interview questions should you require this assistance. 



Once you have successfully conducted all interviews, your account manager and/our HR team will obtain feedback (interviewer and interviewee) and share the any other information before a decision is made. 



Making an offer on your behalf and signing NDAs (Non-disclosure-agreements) in the presence of our corporate attorney will assist your further to ensure that your business's intellectual property rights are respected and secured. 


Once the offer has been accepted and a start data has been agreed, we will begin (3 to 7 days) orientation of your new employee ensuring that they are equipped with all essentials prior to starting work. At this point, our L&D department will also assist your employee in familiarising them with your and your client's local region. 

*Danco.Work does not direct, instruct, or train the employee you hire. All work-related instructions come from you. However, we make the outsourcing and hiring process possible and affordable by providing the services and facilities mentioned in this section. 

Saving a further up to 49% on a typical virtual employee working from Danco.Work Office, if your work is not highly sensitive and you believe it can be done from anywhere other than a professional office, then the benefits do not stop here. For more details and how to take advantage of a full time staff (up to 1 year experience in relevant field), please contact us now. 
Your Virtual Employee works from our office enjoying a professional environment, a selection of free beverages, 10-minute yoga and on-the-house weekly Friday lunch. To ensure your employee works in the most productive environment, our office is maintained to high standards in every respect. Our office is equipped with lease lines, internet connections for fast and stable internet access, power back up generators, comfort chairs and intelligent lighting to enhance work experience.   


Whether your Virtual Assistant works from home or from our office, our operations team will make sure that your virtual employee has access to the equipment to ensure that flow of work for your business remains their top priority. 

  • Laptop with peripherals such as headset (mic and speakers)
  • WiFi connection (at least 8 mb/s)
  • Adequate power back in an event of power cut 
  • Any special request such as Apple machines, mobile phones, fax, printer, scanner etc. can be arranged on a mutual agreement. 


Providing basic software such as Windows, MS Office etc. are all included as standard in our all our paid services. 


In addition to the above, we also provide you and your virtual employees unlimited access to our award winning all-in-one CRM software. Please see some of the features below: 

  • Instant messages, group chats/calls, screen share, video/audio calls, share documents while chatting (mobile, desktop, cloud)
  • Telephony (make, receive and record incoming and outgoing calls, mask phone numbers to match your company number, and many more
  • Calendar sharing 
  • Activity Stream 
  • Intranet Center 
  • CRM Company 
  • Structure 
  • Bulk email 
  • Daily planner 
  • Extranet 
  • CRM reports 
  • Simple access assignment 
  • Sales funnel 
  • File sharing and versioning 
  • Photo albums 
  • User Profiles 
  • Time management 
  • Email notifications 
  • Tasks Project groups 
  • Task reporting 
  • Workflow
  • Choose from hundreds of free and paid apps to integrate into your all-in-one CRM

In addition, we also offer a free 15 page basic website (create and host - terms apply*) for as long as you have at least one virtual employee recruited and maintained by Danco.Work. Combined with free website creation, hosting and access to CRM software, you are making an average saving of £80 (USD 100/€90) every month. 

HR & Operations 

Every business runs into periodic hiccups now and then, however, should you or your virtual employees experience it, you will find Danco.Work as a responsible recruiting and HR partner to provide required assistance to eliminate those undesirable circumstances. 

Our aim is to provide you service suiting your personal and professional needs, to evolve with you and your business...

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