Outsourcing with Danco.Work

equals Opening your own offshore office

When you outsource with Danco.Work you are effectively opening your very own back office off shore:


Danco.Work recruits for you the employee you want to hire.

Dedicated Employee 

You do not hire a freelancer but a dedicated employee. Your employee works directly for you.


All HR issues are taken care of on your behalf by Danco.Work. 


Danco.Work HR executives physically monitor your employee working at all times. You are thus confident that your employee is working from a professional office environment with physical supervision.


Danco.Work managers are present at all times to resolve any problems you or your employee might have at any time.

Hardware support 

Danco.Work IT department is present during all office hours for any technical assistance your employee may require.


Your employee is equipped with the required hardware and infrastructure to enabling them to work efficiently.

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