Starting the recruiting process

Step 1

You submit Danco.Work with a detailed job description for the position you seek to fill. The job description should include all relevant information such as experience, qualifications, skill set, domain expertise, years of experience, shift timings, and job duties.

Step 2 

Danco.Work's HR department searches for candidates who match the specifications listed in the job description you provided.

Step 3

Danco.Work HR executives screen all potentially suitable candidates with face to face/video interviews followed by written assessment. 

If necessary, Danco.Work HR department will also arrange for a second round of technical interviews with the candidates and any relevant tests. 

Step 4
After the HR screening process, the CVs of candidates considered qualified and suitable for the position are submitted to you.
Step 5
You review the CVs and select the candidates you would like to interview. You can also provide the candidates with any assessment. You may ask our HR department or your account manager to share sample assessments.
Step 6
After the interviews you can decide if you would like to move forward and hire any of the candidates or if you would like to review more CVs /conduct more interviews.

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