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Growing a design business on your own takes a lot of time and energy because you have to do everything yourself. Your business hours won’t just include doing the actual design work you love. In order to keep your business running smoothly, you’ll also be in charge of all those other tasks like staying up to date on your accounting, marketing your services, and creating content for your website.

One way to streamline tasks that you don’t enjoy (or that take a majority of your time), is to onboard a virtual assistant.

The key difference between a “solopreneur” (someone who is the only person in their business) and a business owner is a team!

Whether you hire a single Virtual Assistant or you build an entire team of virtual staff, outsourcing to remote team members can have a significant impact on your productivity and the growth of your business.

Here are some of the main duties a Web Developer Virtual Assistant can perform and help your business reach new heights:

Content creation

In order to build your brand and authority online, you will want to create content for your website or blog. This content is essential to establishing your online presence, but it also takes a lot of time.

A virtual assistant can help. You can give them a list of topics and let them create a rough draft of each post for you. Then you can go in and add your flair and personality to each one and make it your own.

Once the post is ready, your Virtual Assistant can upload it to your WordPress blog and ensure everything’s ready to go. This could include adding images, filling out SEO tags, and scheduling the post based on your content calendar.

And keep in mind, blog posts are not the only kind of content you can outsource. You can enlist a virtual assistant’s help for ebooks, bonus freebies for your subscribers or any other type of written content for your business needs.

Social media marketing

Social media is a great way to build your brand’s online presence. Your social media profiles and engagement can help bring in new clients and establish relationships with your audience.

You can have your Virtual Assistant create and schedule your business-related social media updates. They can work with you to develop a social media marketing plan to engage with influencers and your target audience. Your virtual assistant can share vital statistics about your progress, and help you learn more about which social profiles are getting the most engagement.

Batch photo processing

If you utilise automated processing for your photos with Lightroom Presets or with a different editing software, you can have your Virtual Assistant do the initial work on each photo. They can apply the correct presets, resize your photos, and make sure they’re ready for you to use.

Photos can be accessed using a shared cloud drive, and you can go back in to finalise all of the photos to ensure they have your special touch.


Research takes a lot of time, especially if you get lost on a virtual rabbit hole while looking for information. If you need some high-quality information and links to beef up a post, want to find a blog you can guest post on, or are looking for a top-rated company to do business with, your virtual assistant can do the searching for you.

Sourcing images

In today’s marketplace, your content needs images to break up the text. The visual elements play an essential role in drawing in an audience. In order to keep your images fresh, you have to take time to source Creative Commons or other images you can use without violating any copyright laws.

You can have a virtual assistant tackle image sourcing for you. Once downloaded, these images can be organised in files and saved to a cloud service so you have access to them whenever you’re ready.

Cloud organisation

Online storage space can easily get cluttered if it’s not organised well. If you have a mess to sift through on Google Drive, Dropbox, or any other service, let your virtual assistant help you begin organising your files. You won’t waste any more time searching for the file you actually need.

and of course...

  • Professional website maintenance expert
  • Tailored E-commerce store maintenance for more performance
  • Theme installation and customisation that matches your brand
  • The right Landing Page design to hook in leads
  • Seamlessly Install WordPress onto your Web Server
  • Coverage for your Plugin installation to configuration
  • Excellent Content management to shine your work and bring desired results
  • In-depth Keyword Research for better visibility
  • Improved search engine optimisation

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