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As hoteliers (hotels, serviced apartments & bed and breakfasts operators) and travel management consultancies (including travel agents) are getting busier more than ever. Between managing the day-to-day operations, trying to find additional revenue source ensuring that the hotel remains profitable and constantly monitoring what the competition is doing, 24 hours is definitely not enough to accomplish everything and not get burnt out. Especially trying to deal with our online presence such as TripAdvisor, Facebook, Twitter & OTA’s!

This is where outsourcing comes in. As much as we all want to pretend that we’re super humans who can do everything on our own, it’s just not sustainable to manage your hotel this way. You need to expand your team. However, hiring additional staff can sometimes be expensive.

Additionally, more often than not, virtual assistants live in different parts of the world. You can use this to your advantage and have them work on some tasks while you sleep, basically turning your business into a 24/7 operation! However, you can also have them work on your time zone and be on your beck and call at any time of the day.

Virtual assistants help businesses in different types of industries by lifting a massive amount of workload involved in running a business. You can have them do various tasks, like managing your social media, handle your accounting, answer emails, and many more.

The key difference between a “solopreneur” (someone who is the only person in their business) and a business owner is a team!

Whether you hire a single Virtual Assistant or you build an entire team of virtual staff, outsourcing to remote team members can have a significant impact on your productivity and the growth of your business.

Here are some of the main duties a Hospitality Virtual Assistant can perform and help your business reach new heights:

Save Precious Time

No task is too small. However, as a hotel owner or hotel manager, you should not be wasting your time doing mechanical tasks. You should be involved with high level strategy that directly impacts your hotel’s revenues. With a virtual assistant, you can offload these mechanical tasks from your plate and focus on more productive tasks.

Timely Response to Guest Reviews

Once, you’ve oriented your virtual assistant about your hotel and once you’ve given him/her the basics on how to respond to guest reviews, your VA can regularly monitor travel review sites and draft responses to guest reviews that you can approve. This is important since more than 50% of travelers said that online reviews have significantly influenced their hotel booking decisions. Timely response to negative and positive reviews is important and your Virtual Assistant can give you this benefit.

Bolster Your Blog

Let’s face it. No one really has the time to write blog articles every day. But content marketing is extremely important to strengthen your hotel’s presence online. Find a VA with exceptional writing and research skills and include it in his or her day-to-day tasks to write at least one blog article per day. A steady stream of good content is a sure fire way to attract more guests and continue to engage previous ones.

Improve Your Online Content

Hotels have a lot of content materials spread across different channels online — your site, your directories, your Online Travel Agency listings, etc. It’s important to always have updated content and your Virtual Assistant can do this given that he or she has good writing skills.

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Consistent Competitor Monitoring

You can’t be at the top if you don’t know what other hotels are doing. Performing an online audit on what your competitors are doing is easy, but it takes a lot of time. Your Virtual Assistant can do this and provide you with an executive summary of what other hotels in your category are doing in terms of sales and marketing.

Better Reputation Management

Today, negative reviews spread like wildfire and most of these go undetected. Before you know it, a single bad review has exploded into a full blown crisis. Having a VA means having eyes and ears online that will consistently monitor and negative review published about your hotel and alert you about it.

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Higher Awareness of Industry Trends

As a hotel owner or manager, part of your job is to always be in the know in terms of the recent trends that is currently affecting or can possibly affect the industry. You can attend industry events to do this. A Virtual Assistant can supplement this by reading articles and industry publications online and provide you with summaries and links to the actual resource materials.

Build Customer Loyalty

The primary reason why most hotels are not able to build brand loyalty among their guests is the lack of follow through. With a Virtual Assistant on your team, he or she can craft and send emails to your guests and make sure that they are constantly engaged.

Hire Now, Start Now

When you hire someone to work in your hotel or office, you have to make sure that this new hire has a computer the he or she could use. Your HR department has to draft a contract. You may have to purchase extra costly Equipemnt. This can take a lot of time. With a Virtual Assistant, they already have everything they need to do the job (provided by Danco.Work). You can hire today and have this Virtual Assistant start tomorrow.

"Making a customer experience investment should not be considered a business cost, but a sales opportunity. The pennies that go into developing a better customer experience will come back to you ten times over in sales"

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