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The continuous innovations in technology can be overpowering for any entrepreneur, especially if this is your first time selling on the internet. Venturing into e-commerce can be lucrative and competitive at the same time.

Delegating tasks to an e-commerce virtual assistant may seem strange to someone who has built their product from an idea to a brand that is known and trusted by customers. However, in order to stay ahead on the online scene, you need to simultaneously run your business and manage your online store.

The key difference between a “solopreneur” (someone who is the only person in their business) and a business owner is a team!

Whether you hire a single Virtual Assistant or you build an entire team of virtual staff, outsourcing to remote team members can have a significant impact on your productivity and the growth of your business.

Here are some of the main duties a E Commerce Virtual Assistant can perform and help your business reach new heights:

Web Designer/Developer

This is probably the first freelancer to look for. As you move to e-commerce, you will need to peddle your products through different online selling platforms. Who doesn’t know Amazon or Shopify?

An e-commerce platform, plus your own website, is necessary to market your brand.

Your website is the face of your brand. You can choose to make it look amateurish (the drag-and-drop templates are so easy to learn) or professional. The latter requires the skill of a professional web designer who will go beyond just customising the free templates on Shopify, for example. They are also capable of integrating different applications that will make store transactions easier for both you and your customers.

Product Sourcing Specialist

Online stores do not get sales from just one product. Although you may have original products that define your brand, you would also need to give your store some variety. Online shoppers have their own buying patterns, and depending on your target market, you should be able to showcase interesting products that will nurture their fondness for your brand.

A product sourcing specialist has the expertise for finding products that will fit your brand’s buyer personas. He or she has an “eye” for the most in-demand products on the market today. Most importantly, a product sourcer has a strong network of retailers and manufacturers from whom you can buy items in bulk and on sale.

Inventory Management

It’s not just having the right product that impacts your sales. There is a significant effect on your profits when you have too much or too little inventory. You cannot waste money and overstock on products that don’t sell. Likewise, you can’t run out of stock on your products in general, especially when talking about the holiday season.

An inventory manager helps balance things in your store. One of the keys to success in e-commerce is the having the right level of supply to keep your customers satisfied and happy. Assistants who specialise in inventory management will help you avoid huge losses and drive a steady flow of sales into your online store.

Product Listing Assistant

How you present your products can influence the buying decision of customers. Take a potential buyer browsing through a specific type of product in Amazon. If your product titles are optimised and listed accordingly, they should be able to catch the buyer’s attention. That is why product listing is also important in running an online store.

The time-consuming task of uploading product titles, assigning prices, and downloading barcodes and labels can be delegated to an ecommerce virtual assistant. Furthermore, if you operate on different e-commerce platforms, your e-commerce virtual assistant will be capable of listing your products through multiple channels and updating them regularly.

Fulfillment Specialist

More than the satisfaction that a customer gets from a product, they are also impressed by how your store is able to deliver their order as promised. A fulfillment specialist is responsible for managing all orders, making sure that the right products are delivered to the right customer, and that they arrive safe and in a timely manner.

A fulfillment specialist has experience in all of these areas plus tracking orders and returns. Depending on your store’s size and the volume of orders you receive, you might want to hire another ecommerce assistant who specialises in order shipment tracking and managing returns.

And Several More

  • Logo Designer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Videographer
  • Content Writer & Manager
  • Product Description Writer
  • Keyword Research & SEO
  • Link Building Specialist
  • Ad Campaign Manager
  • PPC Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Digital Marketing Expert
  • Lead Generation Specialist
  • Customer Retention Specialist
  • Forums Moderator
  • Database Manager

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