Build Your Team of Virtual employee Glasgow, UK

Whether it is one person you are looking to hire or an entire team, within a department or a division of your business; building YOUR team starts with identifying and defining yourrequiredpeople, so let us help you throughthat process and hire virtual employee in Glasgow, UK.

Virtual Employee Glasgow, UK

Some of our talent (Virtual Employees) in action already serving our clients in Glasgow, UK and across the globe. We offer you exactly what you need, personalised to your business.
Software engineering with Danco.Work

Software Developer

From word processors, games and websites, your virtual employee software developers are the people that design these systems at one third of typical cost.
Video Creating & Editing with Danco.Work

Video Creator/Editor

Your virtual employee can assist you in uploading files to YouTube and similar for intros and outros, edit audio files by removing background noise and improving volume levels.
Content Writing with Danco.Work

Content Writer

Create a voice for your company! Giving old content a new life resulting in increased search engine and social media rankings to boost conversions are essential tasks. Having a full time virtual staff or a virtual team can help you cut costs and improve productivity.
Social Media Optimisationwith Danco.Work

Social Media

Your full time virtual employee can start off by Opening social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and etc. Coming up with detailed profiles and inserting links to company website. They can also save you time inWriting, editing and sharing posts on social networks. Performing a social media audit, observing competitors on social media by rankings, online visibility and keyword prioritisation are some task which otherwise would cost thousands each year.
Search Engine Marketingwith Danco.Work


Search engine optimisation techniques include the use of paid search, such as pay per click (PPC) listings and advertisements allowing your website/business to maintain desired online visibility. With savings made on virtual employees, you could easily up your monthly PPC budget and enjoy extra ordinary results.
Free CV servicewith Danco.Work

SEO Assistant

SEO Leads to Better User Experience. It is the primary source of leads bringing higher close rates. Contact us to enquire about our Free CV service.
Tech Supportwith Danco.Work

Technical Support

Technical or ‘tech’ support is done via knowledge bases, live chat, email or phone – and aims to solve technical problems such as installation issues, login errors and other technical difficulties that can have a negative impact on your customer's experience. You could now benefit from hiring 3 tech support staff for the price of 1 domestic employee.

Hire Virtual Assistant Glasgow, UK

You can schedule your appointments by using the services of our virtual assistants. You can choose from a wide variety of professional and enthusiastic virtual as your valued employee. These Virtual can empower you to free up time for actions of more importance.
Our services are available to clients from Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool and through the U.K.