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Here are some of the frequently asked questions to help you understand our services and operations better while you make your mind up.

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Questions your Virtual Employment agency must answer yes to all

Do I get to review CVs, conduct interviews, and select the employee I want to hire?

Yes. You will be in control throughout the process.

What infrastructure and hardware do you provide?

Lease line, internet connections, generator for uninterrupted electricity, Dell or HP PCs. Apple computers or laptops can be provided in special circumstances. In addition, we also provide unlimited access of our award winning, all-in-one CRM to you and your virtual employee to stay in touch via fully encrypted desktop and mobile app by bitrix24

Where are you located?

Registered & Head Quartered in the UK, company registration number: 12060059. This means that you are not paying to an unknown company located in a third country. You consumer protection rights are respected and practiced under the UK and EU laws at all times

How many employees do you currently have working?

Between independent project managers and full time virtual employees, we have crossed one century even before we could turn one!

Are your prices competitive?

Yes, our prices will never be beaten on a like for like service!

How quickly can I terminate your services?

With 15 days of notice.

Can the employee I hire work the same hours as me? 

Yes. Moreover, except for a few local bank holidays, we always endeavour that your employee works same days and takes same holidays as you to optimise productivity. 

Do I work with the same employee every day?

Yes. We understand the importance behind working with like minded and familiar persons with a rapport is. 

Is the employee I hire dedicated to just me?

Yes. This is where virtual employment takes absolute precedence over freelancing! 

Can you provide testimonials?

Yes. See some of our testimonials below.

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