At Danco.Work, some very talented sales performers, thorough database managers and thought leaders are shaping the future of virtual and remote working.

Careers Program

Through sharing our experience in outsourcing, we are helping young talent gain the skills and experience required to get full-time employment in outsourcing industry.

Our program guides participants through the following career progression path: 

    • Talent identification: Our HR partners identify talent, prepare them for formal employment and refer them to a dedicated account manager for further learning & development.
    • Training & Skills: Participants then complete a training program, covering a range of topics from English language skills to internet research, Microsoft Office, CRM & Communication tools, and etc. 
    • The training: Facilitated either by Danco.Work staff or skilled trainers from partner organisations or both. 
    • Finally: Enhance your CV and career progression through working with various international employers. 

We then assess all the participants and assign them to either our own internal departments or our client accounts, where they are immersed in real-life operations and complete a range of typical client tasks (e.g. data capture and validation, lead generation, content conversion, editing and tagging, document digitisation and archiving, e-commerce support, voice support and customer service). 

Full-time job upon completion of their internship, participants are assessed, and those proven to be the most talented and hardest working are put forward to our clients for full-time employment. 

Perks and Benefits

You are talented, driven to succeed, and looking for the right place where you can thrive. We have strategically created the industry's best arena for establishing career success. Take a glimpse into what this arena consists of.


Fashioned by industry experts, our training curriculum tackles the constantly-evolving challenges of the sales process. This multi-tiered approach consists of video courses, engaging workshops, and one-on-one mentoring.


Ingrained into our approach is our multi-faceted support to arm you with everything needed to be successful. From business planning tools to our in-house marketing agency, we have a variety of resources to empower you to thrive.


At the foundation of our success is the belief that our best leaders develop from within. With the growth our company is experiencing, creating the opportunity for promotion every 12-18 months, your career path can align with your ambition.


We firmly believe in creating financially-rewarding opportunities for people who are purpose-driven. 


Working in our culture feels more like being part of a family than a spot on a flow chart with a corporation. Our commitment to collaboration and mentorship ensures everyone develops into the best version of themselves.


This platform enables users to manage community operations and pursue personal development through marketing tools, training, and peer collaboration.

Interested in joining our team?

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