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The world of business has changed, and perhaps for better. Working remotely with flexible hours has been a fairy tale for workers outside the US. But the wait is now over.
Ask you how? Hire your very own virtual employee now!
An MBA is an MBA, like a good salesman is a good salesman no matter where in the world they may be. The technology today has helped companies like Facebook, Twitter, Oracle, EA Sports, PWC, Google take advantage of the brightest global talent, then why can't a local estate agent, a hotel owner, an eBay shop owner, candlemaker selling on Instagram/amazon or any other small and medium local business do?

Additionally the payroll costs have always been a challenge for small & medium enterprises especially when employer's financial and regulatory liabilities are taken into account.
By providing virtual assistants to small and medium businesses in London & rest of UK, Danco.Work has helped save up to 70% of savings while scaling your business up.

INNOVATION distinguishes between a leader and a follower ~ Steve Jobs

That is why we are here to help you innovate so you can Lead!

If you have a start-up you might think you can't afford a Virtual Employee, or if your company is already established then you don't need one, nonetheless Virtual Employees can be "game changers" for almost any business. There is truth in the saying, "time is money." If we spend more time supporting our business instead of building it, we are not optimising your effort.

and then in reality, it all comes down to

Reduce Cost

Be more competitive, sustainable and profitable with 70% payroll cost reduction with our Virtual Assistant London

Increase Quality & Efficiency

Virtual Employment Works. Exceptional processes, support and talent make it easy and effective.

Scale fast

Start with one or more staff and scale quickly to meet demand, without all the overheads ~ Danco.Work

The Process


Free Service
  • Business overview
  • Job descriptions
  • Goals & objectives


  • Recruitment & HR
  • Payroll
  • Office space
  • IT infrastructure & support
  • Security & business continuity


  • Quality control
  • Training
  • Milestones & productivity
  • Deliverables
  • Work practices

Popular Services

E-Commerce Virtual Assistant
From £499
Typically 160 hours per month
E-Commerce Assistant

Do you run an E-Commerce store? Your virtual employee can manage all aspects of content and listings in Magento 2.3, Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Groupon, Facebook & etc.

Virtual Personal Assistant with Danco.Work
From £399
Typically 160 hours per month
Personal Virtual Assistant

Accomplish general tasks while saving you money on higher labour costs such as answering calls, leaving voicemails and checking messages, writing down minutes from meetings and then creating a detailed document. A virtual assistant is often used by small business owners to cover a variety of admin tasks.

Bookkeeping_and_payroll Virtual Assistant
From £499
Typically 160 hours per month
Bookkeeping Assistant

Bookkeeping and payroll duties such as calculating hours, adding expenses, updating salaries, preparing and sending invoices to clients including follow ups are some popular tasks covered by virtual employees.

Estate Agency Virtual Assistant
From £499
Typically 160 hours per month
Estate Agency Assistant

Your virtual employee can assist you by making telesales calls to help you gain Landlords and Sellers, appointments setting & confirmations, calendar management, data & listings entry, liaising with contractors and etc.

Virtual Marketing Assistant with Danco.Work
From £599
Typically 160 hours per month
Marketing Virtual Assistant

Performing leads by intelligent data mining, scheduling appointments with clients, businesses and your sales team are some tasks you can expect your virtual employee to do.

Build your team Virtual Assistant with Danco.Work
From £399
Typically 160 hours per month
Build your team
We offer you exactly what you need, personalised to your business.

  • HR Assistant
  • SEO/SEM Assistant
  • Video Editor/Graphic Designer
  • Content Write/Social Media Assistant
  • Data Management
  • Hospitality Assistant General

With Danco.Work

See how much can you save with our virtual Assistant UK!

“Your most precious resource as a human being (not just a business owner) is TIME. The less you commit to, the greater your focus. The greater your focus, the more impact you can have with the time you’re given. For this reason alone, everyone should hire at least one Virtual Assistant.” Matthew Turner

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Questions about Virtual Assistant London Outsource Agency in UK?

If you have never hired virtual assistants London or professionals before, you are sure to have a lot of questions. We will be happy to answer your questions about from pricing models, setting up a team, to anything you need to know about outsourcing.

We will answer all your questions and walk you through the virtual employment approach as it would apply to your unique business. If we don’t think off-shoring is for you, we will tell you, straight up!